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Shalawam my Name is Cathy Empty Shalawam my Name is Cathy

Sat Sep 18, 2021 10:47 pm

My Name is Cathy, I’m 26 born and raised in the UK but my native/ethnic background is Congo, central Africa.

I came into the truth at the end of the December one week before “Christmas” 2020 to be exact after being part of modern day Christianity my whole life. I came out of Christianity as I knew that C19 is the mark but everybody in the church and Christian community was denying it but all signs were there so I searched up “c*v*d19 is the mark of the beast” too see if anyone had the same views after few scrolls on YouTube I found Mortekai’s channel All Praises To The Most High

I am beyond grateful to The Most High AHAYAH for providing me with this truth. After 9 months of being in the truth I am now vegetarian and I pray that I will bring more people into the blessings of truth of Bible and build on my wisdom and salvation and continue learning from the teachers The Most High has provided me.
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Shalawam my Name is Cathy Empty Re: Shalawam my Name is Cathy

Sun Sep 19, 2021 6:42 am
Thank you sister.
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