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Demons and the importance of deliverance as taught by Apostle Peter Empty Demons and the importance of deliverance as taught by Apostle Peter

Mon Sep 27, 2021 8:38 pm
What follows is in regard to demons and deliverance. I am going to share some things that I've run across from what is believed to be the ministry of Peter, the Apostle chosen by the Righteous One, to bring the gospel to the Gentiles. I am writing because what concerned me is that there is a place in the Clementine Homilies (writings about Peter's ministry) that states that our soul is as water and the demon is as fire. When the soul departs this earth the demon, being attached, is mandated to go to the fire. Because the soul is attached it is mandated to go with it.  This is why I felt that sharing this information was vitally important.  I pray it blesses you and that we are all found worthy to be in the presence of our Creator, the Son, the sweet Holy Spirit of Wisdom and Angels, eternally, on the day of judgment.  

In order to bring this information it is important to establish why those of us seeking the Truth have not limited ourselves to the canon of scripture.  This link provides information on questions that arose while reading the bible the last few year.   https://iamtruth.actieforum.com/t28-corruptions-inconsistencies-in-the-bible-things-that-make-you-go-hmmm
As an aside, all this also applies to me.  I'm only human.  I just articulate this stuff.  So I am learning as I go, am a work in process and praying for my own salvation.  I do want all to know that although I research I am not the voice of authority.  Please Test All Things.

If one is compelled to understand what Messiah taught Peter, with respect to man living righteously; and if one has a desire to contend for spiritual freedom in order to achieve everlasting life, then what follows will be of interest to you. I digress, one last time,  to ensure that all have the foundational understanding of the order of our walk with the Father through his Son:

1. We seek Him and He draws us by His Spirit; His kindness leads us to repentance, we are convicted of sin, judgment and righteousness and we enter into relationship.
2. We get baptized and are lead by the Holy Spirit of Wisdom.
3. We are counseled/instructed by mature believers on the fundamentals of the faith.
4. We are delivered of demons and walk uprightly before the Father becoming lead by the Spirit.
5. We are commissioned in Mark 16:15 to go forth and preach the gospel (adherence to the Law) and also in Isaiah 58:6-14 to break others out of bondage and help those in need.  
6. We find our calling in walk in it, doing His will. Matt 7:21

One thing builds on another, unfortunately the modern day body of Messiah has not placed an emphasis on deliverance and if one is not delivered one will have no idea what voice they're following or how to proceed , in freedom, to accomplish not only the general mandate but the specific will the Father has for one's life.  So deliverance becomes key and Peter greatly emphasizes this matter.  The reason he emphasizes it is because he had a grasp on the spirit realm, demons agendas, the authority of the Son of Man, how it was passed to believers and the consequences of oppression by demons not just in this life but in the afterlife.  Okay so now comes the back story of the spirit realm in the apocrypha of the bible, that has been taken out with the new canon, and the keys Peter was given to understanding the criteria for everlasting life.  Keep in mind our goal is freedom to KNOW and do the will of the Father specific to our lives and freedom from ALL demonic influence.  Both those criteria must be met, at least with respect to what Peter believes, in order to enter eternal life.

So if one hasn't worked on self deliverance or deliverance through another believer, although bits and pieces of number points 4 and 5 above may be accomplished in your life, then one still has a ministry to be accomplished with respect to oneself (although this is a life long, checks and balances, type thing....one always has to be mindful of spiritual influences and the voices one chooses to follow).

Okay now on to the matters at hand:
All scriptures that follow are taken from Clementine Homilies Chapter 9 but the whole chapter is not included:

IX: Chapter IX. How Demons Get Power Over Men
"Since, on the other hand, you are oppressed by strange sufferings inflicted by demons, on your removal from the body you shall have your souls also punished for ever; not indeed by God's inflicting vengeance, but because such is the judgment of evil deeds. For the demons, having power by means of the food given to them, are admitted into your bodies by your own hands; and lying hid there for a long time, they become blended with your souls. And through the carelessness of those who think not, or even wish not, to help themselves, upon the dissolution of their bodies, their souls being united to the demon, are of necessity borne by it into whatever places it pleases. And what is most terrible of all, when at the end of all things the demon is first consigned to the purifying fire, the soul which is mixed with it is under the necessity of being horribly punished, and the demon of being pleased. For the soul, being made of light, and not capable of bearing the heterogeneous flame of fire, is tortured; but the demon, being in the substance of his own kind, is greatly pleased, becoming the strong chain of the soul that he has swallowed up."

X: Chapter X. How They are to Be Expelled
"But the reason why the demons delight in entering into men's bodies is this. Being spirits, and having desires after meats and drinks, and sexual pleasures, but not being able to partake of these by reason of their being spirits, and wanting organs fitted for their enjoyment, they enter into the bodies of men, in order that, getting organs to minister to them, they may obtain the things that they wish, whether it be meat, by means of men's teeth, or sexual pleasure, by means of men's members. Hence, in order to the putting of demons to flight, the most useful help is abstinence, and fasting, and suffering of affliction. For if they enter into men's bodies for the sake of sharing pleasures, it is manifest that they are put to flight by suffering. But inasmuch as some, being of a more malignant kind, remain by the body that is undergoing punishment, though they are punished with it, therefore it is needful to have recourse to God by prayers and petitions, refraining from every occasion of impurity, that the hand of God may touch him for his cure, as being pure and faithful."

XI: Chapter XI. Unbelief the Demon's Stronghold
"But it is necessary in our prayers to acknowledge that we have had recourse to God, and to bear witness, not to the apathy, but to the slowness of the demon. For all things are done to the believer, nothing to the unbeliever. Therefore the demons themselves, knowing the amount of faith of those of whom they take possession, measure their stay proportionately. Wherefore they stay permanently with the unbelieving, tarry for a while with the weak in faith; but with those who thoroughly believe, and who do good, they cannot remain even for a moment. For the soul being turned by faith, as it were, into the nature of water, quenches the demon as a spark of fire. The labour, therefore, of every one is to be solicitous about the putting to flight of his own demon. For, being mixed up with men's souls, they suggest to every one's mind desires after what things they please, in order that he may neglect his salvation."

XII: Chapter XII. Theory of Disease
"Whence many, not knowing how they are influenced, consent to the evil thoughts suggested by the demons, as if they were the reasoning of their own souls. Wherefore they become less active to come to those who are able to save them, and do not know that they themselves are held captive by the deceiving demons. Therefore the demons who lurk in their souls induce them to think that it is not a demon that is distressing them, but a bodily disease, such as some acrid matter, or bile, or phlegm, or excess of blood, or inflammation of a membrane, or something else. But even if this were so, the case would not be altered of its being a kind of demon. For the universal and earthly soul, which enters on account of all kinds of food, being taken to excess by over-much food, is itself united to the spirit, as being cognate, which is the soul of man; and the material part of the food being united to the body, is left as a dreadful poison to it. Wherefore in all respects moderation is excellent."

XIII: Chapter XIV. More Tricks
"Therefore shunning and hating us they are deceived, not knowing how it happens that they devise things opposed to their health. For neither can we compel them against their will to incline towards health, since now we have no such power over them, nor are they able of themselves to understand the evil instigation of the demon; for they know not whence these evil instigations are suggested to them. And these are they whom the demons affright, appearing in such forms as they please. And sometimes they prescribe remedies for those who are diseased, and thus they receive divine honours from those who have previously been deceived. And they conceal from many that they are demons, but not from us, who know their mystery, and why they do these things, changing themselves in dreams against those over whom they have power; and why they terrify some, and give oracular responses to others, and demand sacrifices from them, and command them to eat with them, that they may swallow up their souls."

Chapter XIX. Privileges of the Baptized
*****"For God is almighty. For He is good and righteous, now long-suffering to all, that those who will, repenting of the evils which they have done, and living well, may receive a worthy reward in the day in which all things are judged. Wherefore now begin to obey God by reason of good knowledge, and to oppose your evil lusts and thoughts, that you may be able to recover the original saving worship which was committed to humanity. For thus shall blessings straightway spring up to you, which, when you receive, you will thenceforth quit the trial of evils. But give thanks to the Giver; being kings for ever of unspeakable good things, with the King of peace. But in the present life, washing in a flowing river, or fountain, or even in the sea, with the thrice-blessed invocation, you shall not only be able to drive away the spirits which lurk in you; but yourselves no longer sinning, and undoubtingly believing God, you shall drive out evil spirits and dire demons, with terrible diseases, from others. And sometimes they shall flee when you but look on them. For they know those who have given themselves up to God. Wherefore, honouring them, they flee affrighted, as you saw yesterday, how, when after the address I delayed praying for those who were suffering these maladies, through respect towards the worship they cried out, not being able to endure it for a short hour."*****

So in sum, with respect to this extremely brief synopsis of Peter's writings, regarding demons and deliverance,  we see we are to CHOOSE to:
1. Worship the Father
2. Refrain from the table of demons(abstain from eating flesh, eating at a table where flesh is being eaten and eating with those that haven't been baptized or, in our case, those who have been baptized but are still eating flesh... from what I understand.)
3. Undertake chastity with philanthropy and righteousness.(giving to those you may otherwise not have wanted to give to is philanthropy.  Any other giving is considered 'compassion' not philanthropy.  It's stated elsewhere with respect to this point, in essence, "does not God even rain on the just and unjust?" BUT in another part of this work it says "hold onto your alms tightly until you know you are to give"...or something to that respect. So please be prayerful about this point as I don't have full clarity.  The explanation of philanthropy is provided, however.)
4. And being baptized with the thrice blessed invocation for the remission of sin
5. And devoting yourselves, as much as you can to the perfection of purity,

In my personal experience, when I have fasted, am living rightly and seek deliverance I simply tell the demon it has to "go, I know who I am, I know the authority I've been given, I know I am in right standing with the Father through the Son and I command you to go. Come out through my mouth" and I breath out. (sometimes people belch, cough, vomit, and other means of expulsion but it is LITERALLY an expulsion). I then ask the Father to fill me in those areas with the Holy Spirit of Wisdom and reveal to me any other areas of deliverance that I need to work on. I try to start the day, before getting out of bed, by assessing what voices are talking to me.  I had a voice say in my spirit 'I'm sad' one day when I WAS NOT SAD. It was a demon that had been with me since a tumultuous childhood and I had grown familiar with it, as Peter says, believing it was my own voice.  So listen to and test the voices that are speaking to your spirit.  They are one of three influences, you, the Father's or demonic.  

Let's take charge again.  IMPORTANT TO THIS TEACHING IS TO REMEMBER TO LOOSE THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT WAS EXPELLED, eg. if one expels fear then one should loose love and faith over the individual, if anger then peace and joy etc. We've been given all authority.

We were warned the path is narrow.  I seriously never knew how narrow until reading the Clementine Homilies. This spirit realm operates in a very legal, judicial type fashion.  Father can't just let us into the kingdom because He wants to. There are certain criteria that have been established that have to be met given the spiritual laws already in place.  

Shalom as we seek Him and to do His will in all things!! I love you

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Demons and the importance of deliverance as taught by Apostle Peter Empty Binding and Loosing lesson by Win Worley. We all know in part

Mon Sep 27, 2021 11:06 pm
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