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Protection in the End Times/ "Meat it does the Body good?" Empty Protection in the End Times/ "Meat it does the Body good?"

Sat Oct 02, 2021 12:37 pm
Protection in these troubling times:

I'm going to give a little back story of some Christian literature and at the end will make a grave point about how to be protected in these incredible times.

Peter was the Apostle that was given the keys to the kingdom by Messiah.  His works have remained hidden until recently.  Apostle Peter's ministry is written in the Clementine Homilies and the Recognitions of Clement.  Clement was Peter's scribe and, upon Peter's death, he became his successor.
The Essene Humane Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Essene Gospel of Peace are works that contain accounts of Messiah's life, teachings and/or death.  These are parts of the volumes of books that we were told that "if all of His works were written the world couldn't contain them in volumes of books" There are also important works by the Essenes, of which John the Baptist was one. They were 'in the know', prepared a way for John, 'the Harbinger' and also Messiah. The Essenes and Peter are the people that preceded and seceded the ministry of Messiah so they're extremely important people and their works are worth reading.

These four documents state that the eating of dead flesh is forbidden.  The bible and the extra books that were taken out of it, the apocrypha, are the only books written by the predecessors and successors of Messiah, I have found, that permit eating flesh.  The biblical definition of meat is 'food' not flesh.  It's trickery to call dead flesh 'meat' in the bible.  As an aside, the account of the fish story is documented in the Essene Humane Gospel of Peace and there it is bread and fruit, not fish. This is a heavy topic and going to upset many.  Here's a disclaimer: I don't work for PETA and I don't have some secret agenda or bias.  I miss eating meat and I don't shun people for doing so. I will tell you that Peter wouldn't dine at a table where 'dead flesh' was being served, his words not mine. Here is a list of biblical scriptures supporting this claim:  Exodus 20:13, Isaiah 1:9-20, Jeremiah 7:22-23, Ecclesiastes 5:1,  Isaiah 66:3-5, 1 Timothy 5:22, Hosea 6:6-10, Matthew 9:13, Psalms 40:6-8, Isaiah 11:6-9, Numbers 11:18-34.

The Homilies and all of these other writings make it clear that it is a damnable sin to eat dead flesh or 'meat'. I guess we should have known that a book that was filtered through the Catholic church, edited, mass produced and then labeled 'holy' would contain falsehood. Why would that occult (RCC) not tamper with the holy writings as to snatch souls from the Father? We have to reason and grapple with these questions and from there overcome are naiveté.

The fact is that blood sacrifices were allowed by Moses, for a time, because the Israelites had learned pagan ways.  Again and again, we see in the books of the prophets, the Father of All rebuking the people for their feasts and blood sacrifices. The lying pen of the scribes purports that the smell of animal sacrifices was a 'pleasing aroma' to the Father while Abba says He abhors it. The Catholic church ran with this and instead of making this story about the Son of Man restoring the original law(John 5:24. 28-29)and being seated in heavenly places they made it about His blood and death(1 Cor 15:2-4); continuing the blood sacrifice theme so craftily woven throughout the text.  Messiah NEVER emphasized His blood or death other than that it would symbolize His Life and teachings. The Apostle Paul emphasized blood and death. That's a second gospel, and it may have its place somewhere---I'm still testing it but it can't usurp the message of the Messiah, tested or not.

Here's the point I want everyone to take away. With respect to being protected by the Father in the end times,  this is what the Essene Humane Gospel of Jesus Christ chapter 62 says (these are two excerpts):

 "But the Eternal Spirit of All, shall send forth His holy messengers, and they shall restore the holy law anew, which wicked men have hidden by their vain traditions, and THOSE THAT BELIEVE NOT THE HOLY LAW SHALL PERISH ... And in that day shall all they that keepeth my law and commandments be hated of all nations for my Name's sake, for many shall be offended at my Holy Laws, and betray one another and shall hate one another, for many false prophets shall indeed arise: and shall deceive many."

    "Yea, I tell ye, in that age yet to come, the Father's Name shall be blasphemed in a manner like never before in the history of the world, greater than even the star count of heaven itself! For hands dripping with the innocent blood of my creatures will take up my name in vain and mislead many, and they will follow the ways of the Pharisees and not the true path of the Pure Oblation. Yea. many lies will be spoken of me in that age, things I spoke not unto ye, nor taught not, for they will lust after much flesh and sin, and their evil will mount higher than a new moon of thy season and many will believe, and be lost. In that time of trouble, NO CREATURE OF GOD, NAY, MAN NOR BEAST SHALL ESCAPE THE CRUEL JUDGMENT OF THAT WICKED GENERATION SAVE MINE HOLY ELECT UNDER THE CHARGE OF MINE HOLY ANGELS. For I say unto ye this day, that a strange saviour shall rule the minds of many, and that generation shall believe not in the evil of the world, but shall judge all evil, good, and all good, evil."

I encourage all believers to continue in their study of the Word, as found in the bible, but to test it against other works that are in the archives of the Vatican, such as the aforementioned. We were gullible to believe the canon, we have to admit it and move on. It is a doctrine created by men and our Father warns us to 'test all things and hold fast to what is good'. That testing must include the book we love, the bible or it just becomes another idol.  

I pray for the protection, wisdom, discernment, revelation, understanding and application of the fruit of all of that in this hour. I pray for our strength, courage, boldness, fortitude and steadfastness of spirit; and our ability to stand in the face of adversity. I pray people have ears to hear and eyes to see what it is the Spirit of the Holy One is saying and doing in this hour and that we are found worthy of escape with respect to the trials coming upon this earth. Peace as you study to show yourselves approved.

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