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Is it okay to venture and study works outside the canon? Empty Is it okay to venture and study works outside the canon?

Fri Oct 15, 2021 1:55 pm
This is based on a thread on another site and is with respect to the Essene Humane Gospel of Jesus Christ (EHGoJC) but the concept can apply to any literature.

I am writing to dispel fear. It seems to be a general concern that the bible is being dismissed too easily.  It seems, at the same time, that many understand that Father never instructed man to eat meat and that the interpretation of that scripture in Genesis is either flawed or the notion of eating meat was added. Either way, that is the biggest difference with respect to the EHGoJC document, the meat eating issue (not because of diet only but because of cruelty and wickedness  per Messiah) .

Here's the thing, There are two voices in the bible ..the still, small voice of Abba and the harsh, bloodthirsty voice of the destroyer. Father's nature has been dreadfully tarnished and when one tests the text it is easily discerned. This is the reason for the confusion in the bible and this is why one has been steered to only read that as the 'sacred scripture'; when in fact, we are told that 'the world couldn't contain the volumes of books if everything Messiah had done was written.' So logically, there should be more credible sources somewhere. And in Daniel we are told "knowledge would abound'. It's the end of the age .. there's no other time for knowledge to abound!

With respect to the EHGoJC, other than the meat topic(due to it revealing the wicked nature of man's heart), the laws are given spiritual depth of meaning just as Messiah did when he came. It includes the application of the 10 commandments and elevates them to a spiritual level. (It's more inclusive and there are things one needs to know.) These are the two main differences in the text. With that, one sees clearly the loving, merciful nature of God. 

As an aside, many of the stories we are given half of in the bible are in their entirety here. It is clear that the bible was, in part, taken from this text. One finds, having read this, that the bible in certain areas dramatically changed the meaning of the text by altering phrases, even if slightly. It also makes clear where the second voice can be heard. 
Many are scared to read this book because we were taught not to deviate from the 'scripture'. Then we were told 'this (the bible) is the only scripture'. We've been steered as to what to believe. Our fear shouldn't be in our ability to examine new texts in light of the fact that we have discernment. Our fear should rest in the fact that, possibly, really important salvation aspects of the texts are being withheld from us based on that 'steering'. 

Father makes it clear we are to study to show ourselves approved, test all things and hold fast to what is good. Test ALL things. That means we don't have to fear. It's fine when personal choice and discernment keep us from doing something. What's sad to watch is when fear cripples the believer from examining. I hope that doesn't remain the case here.  Because we were taught the inerrancy, infallibility of scripture and indoctrinated to believe a lie it's easy to be fearful and maintain an unwarranted allegiance to a text we're supposed to test.

I was scared to read the book of Enoch for a long time, for years. I later found out it was the devil keeping me from it. It answered sooo many questions I had about Messiah. I couldn't figure out if 'Jesus was God' or not because of the way the bible is written!!!! Huge problem!!!! That's called idolatry!!! And I truly thought it was Abba who hadn't wanted me to read it. I was wrong. 

There are salvation issues when comparing the EHGoJC to the bible. That's my concern. I'm not an Essene 'groupie'. I just want to know what is required of me and share that with others. I believe there are requirements for salvation that were intentionally, for diabolical reasons, left out of the bible. Please...everyone at least consider my heartfelt concern. I like to end with questions so one can pray and ponder...so here you go....Who(what voice) is keeping you from reading the Essene Humane Gospel of Jesus Christ....and why??

Warm regards on your quest for Truth...that pearl of great price.

God's not in a box and He's more in nature than a book. He's not confounded to time and space nor the binding of one work.

See "Inconsistencies of the Bible" if questioning what textual problems I am talking about.
Other links to early church writings attached below
1. The Essene Humane Gospel of Jesus Christ

   a. PDF 2 separate links 1. https://www.essene.com/TheEsseneHumaneGospel/index.html
                                            2. https://www.ahayah-truth.com/HumaneGospel/part5.html

   b. Book Essene Humane Gospel of Jesus Christ Vegetarian Gospel | Etsy
2. Pseudo clementine homilies
    a. PDF https://www.newadvent.org/fathers/0808.htm
    b. book Ante-Nicene Christian Library (Volume XVII) The Clementine homilies the Apostolical Constitutions: Clement I, Pope, Roberts, Alexander: 9789354154683: Amazon.com: Books
3. Gospel of the Holy Twelve  
    a. PDF -https://spiritual-minds.com/religion/Gnosticts/gospel%20of%20the%20holy%20twelveL.pdf
     b. book The Gospel of the Holy Twelve: Ouseley, G. J., Rev G. J. Ouseley: 9781905432240: Amazon.com: Books

4. Didache  
    a. PDF https://www.newadvent.org/fathers/0714.htm
5. Recognitions of Clement          
     a. https://biblehub.com/library/unknown/recognitions_of_clement_/index.html
     b. book The Recognitions of Clement: Hatten, Douglas: 9780615180021: Amazon.com: Books
6. Epistle from Peter to James  
      a. PDF https://www.biblestudytools.com/history/early-church-fathers/ante-nicene/vol-8-third-fourth-centuries/pseudo-clementine-literature/epistle-of-peter-to-james.html
7. Epistle of Clement to James- no link as yet
8. Essene Gospel of Peace
       a. PDF https://spiritual-minds.com/religion/Gnosticts/Essene%20Gospel%20of%20Peace1.pdf
       b. https://www.etsy.com/listing/601396680/essene-humane-gospel-of-jesus-christ?show_sold_out_detail=1&ref=nla_listing_details

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Is it okay to venture and study works outside the canon? Empty Re: Is it okay to venture and study works outside the canon?

Mon Oct 18, 2021 12:36 pm
Thank you so much sister Michele.

I pray that this will help many many to come closer to Abba and far away from YHWH in the Bible..
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