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Walking in Power.  Empty Walking in Power.

Fri Oct 15, 2021 7:31 pm
Ministry is the end game with respect to all a believer truly desires and we need to be sure our steps are ordered from on High.  The anointing for ministry comes at a great price and with great accountability. It requires worship, studying, praying and fasting if one truly wants to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit.  And in order to have lasting efficacy one's doctrine must be right. I learned the hard way having been rebuked by my Father.  Here's a bit of my backstory:

I was a street evangelist reaching the lost, homeless, downtrodden, those marginalized by society and I was having a blast!!! I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit, my life changed radically overnight and I hit the ground running. I didn't understand why everyone was sitting in pews watching a guy when we are all called to do the work of kingdom building! As I grew, 2 years in,  Abba was gracious enough to let me move in His power and showed that His 9 gifts of the Spirit are for believers today. People in church started to seek me out so I would lay hands on them.  I was fasted up and also not eating flesh...when I walked into a room some would weep because of the conviction of the Holy Spirit. When I prayed over individuals demons would manifest and I cast them out with a simple 'go'. I was so sold out and walking in such power.

I've seen tumors moved to spare people from losing vision and use of their limbs, chronic disease disappear, old accident injuries miraculously healed.  I'd ask God where He wanted me to go and He'd give me a vision with a word of knowledge and wisdom. I would meet the individual he showed me and tell them where they'd just been and about their past. They knew they had been seen by God. I could go on with fun God stories!!!! He's soo awesome, oh how I love working with Him!!!!!! Anyway, and then....

I was benched, shelved by my Father because He didn't want me teaching falsely and leading others astray. He's had me in the cave teaching me and I've learned that He cares more about saving souls and spending eternity with His beloved than healing emotions and physical ailments.  My doctrine wasn't sound although He was showing me a glimpse of the power I would walk in, in the future. He benched me because doctrine is more important than power. My teaching was that of the American church....'believe on the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus and you will be saved.' It's a teaching that can damn a soul because Messiah's doctrine says: "he that heareth my word, and believe on the one that sent me will have everlasting life"...."that all will be resurrected...those that have DONE good to the resurrection of eternal life and those that have DONE evil to eternal damnation.'"John 5:24. 28-29. 
I was teaching what I had been taught in church and yet I knew that it didn't make sense and that somehow it was a lie.  I mean if 'Jesus did it' all then why do I have to live holy, right? Yet I was sharing with people that 'Jesus did it all....just believe'. I had grieved the Holy Spirit of God. 

I remember around that time that I had been in a bible study once and the pastor said (we were studying Romans and I was still a fairly new believer) 'so the law was done away with'.  I got such a check in my spirit and knew something was amiss.  That sent me on a quest to figure out the Law.  And I can tell you this.... Heavenly Father cares about other's eternal salvation and salvation comes by properly sharing the Holy Laws of the Kingdom. That's the Word people need to hear!

 So let's talk about operating in power today. Based on most church teachings the Holy Spirit has been grieved by our believing and sharing some things in the text that were not supposed to be there. (see my document titled 'Inconsistencies in the Bible'). Studying is a requirement in an effort to see what was originally taught to believers as the bible has truth and falsehood. The indoctrination runs deep. It's not enough to parrot what one hears from the pulpit or from other believers any longer. The accountability is too high and now we have all this information at our finger tips.

We have these resources and before stepping out as ministers it's wise to confirm what the Spirit of Wisdom is saying bc we will be without excuse when we are before Abba's throne and He asks how we used that tool, the internet. We have Peter's writings in the Clementine Homilies, The Recognitions of Clement. We have The Gospel of the Holy Twelve which is an account of the early church.  We have the Essene writings, John the Baptist was an Essene: The Essene Humane Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Essene Gospel of Peace.  These are the works of the people that preceded Messiah and seceded Messiah.  These are huge players in the kingdom with wisdom, albeit contained in other books but it's wisdom nonetheless. All books have been tampered with but I assure you the ones that have been mass produced have been tampered with more.

Now moving in power is the whole point... to break chains of bondage off of others and bring them to the Truth. But when we've believed a lie so long and attempt to operate in power under that lie one of two things happens: either the Spirit departs and we hinder the works which are to be done because we lean on our own might (It's important to get grounded in the Truth as not to grieve the Spirit), or  what's worse, in our rebellion we carry on as usual, end up used by the Heavenly Father, then told by Messiah 'depart from Me you worker of iniquity I never knew you.'

Here's what I tell people. The law is the backdrop. For example,  if I was a college student and I'm about to go to my first class, I get the rule book and the syllabus and they tell me 'go to rm 201'. I'm there for the degree BUT I have to abide by their rules or I'm out. The same holds true in the kingdom of God: here the end game happens to be ministry, instead of a degree. BUT I have to know the rules of the kingdom in order to effectively minister the power of God or I just become a doer of another lying sign and wonder. The rules are the Holy Law.  If one wants power in the spirit realm one must operate under the rules that were already in effect when we were born. We were born into a 'show already in progress'. We don't get to change the rules, we don't get to change the doctrine and in this information age we may not get to use ignorance as an excuse. It's a judicial system, this spirit realm we live in. We have these resources(texts, the internet, chat forums etc) and before stepping out as ministers it's wise to confirm what the Spirit is saying.

This is exactly why I study.  I was in jeopardy of being told 'depart from me you worker of iniquity' when I was operating in great power because my biblical doctrine was off. I was keeping and teaching the wrong laws.  There are two gospels in the bible and I was teaching the wrong one. This is why we don't see much power because people think they are living righteously when the Holy Law has been concealed. The law is written on our hearts BUT we've come out of agreement with it because words on a page told us otherwise. A lie was fed to the masses, we were told it is inerrant and most of us believed it. I know I did, I'll just speak for myself. It would be sooo much easier listening to the Holy Spirit if we hadn't been indoctrinated and subscribed to the lies. It is Father's mercy that we are all not operating in power or we would all be judged harshly. He is giving us time to get our acts together and our doctrine right so we don't send others to the pit.  If it's not about the death, burial and resurrection and it's about 'he that heareth my word' then I want to seek out what that Word really is because it's been hijacked.

 The bottom line is this...if one wants to manifest the power of God one best study the texts of our powerful predecessors because "Faith comes by hearing the Word." I hope that clarifies the need to study to show oneself approved, and not just the bible. We can all operate in power but if we're damning souls and grieving the Spirit along the way then let's be honest...it's become all about us, our own carnality and our pride.  The hardest thing for me to do was step down from ministry but it was the wisest. I'm about to be launched and I can't wait to see what Abba's going to do!!!!

Prov 4:7
Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.
Links to early church literature attached below:

1. The Essene Humane Gospel of Jesus Christ

   a. PDF 2 separate links 1. https://www.essene.com/TheEsseneHumaneGospel/index.html
                                            2. https://www.ahayah-truth.com/HumaneGospel/part5.html

   b. Book Essene Humane Gospel of Jesus Christ Vegetarian Gospel | Etsy
2. Pseudo clementine homilies
    a. PDF https://www.newadvent.org/fathers/0808.htm
    b. book Ante-Nicene Christian Library (Volume XVII) The Clementine homilies the Apostolical Constitutions: Clement I, Pope, Roberts, Alexander: 9789354154683: Amazon.com: Books
3. Gospel of the Holy Twelve  
    a. PDF -https://spiritual-minds.com/religion/Gnosticts/gospel%20of%20the%20holy%20twelveL.pdf
     b. book The Gospel of the Holy Twelve: Ouseley, G. J., Rev G. J. Ouseley: 9781905432240: Amazon.com: Books

4. Didache  
    a. PDF https://www.newadvent.org/fathers/0714.htm
5. Recognitions of Clement          
     a. https://biblehub.com/library/unknown/recognitions_of_clement_/index.html
     b. book The Recognitions of Clement: Hatten, Douglas: 9780615180021: Amazon.com: Books
6. Epistle from Peter to James  
      a. PDF https://www.biblestudytools.com/history/early-church-fathers/ante-nicene/vol-8-third-fourth-centuries/pseudo-clementine-literature/epistle-of-peter-to-james.html
7. Epistle of Clement to James- no link as yet
8. Essene Gospel of Peace
       a. PDF https://spiritual-minds.com/religion/Gnosticts/Essene%20Gospel%20of%20Peace1.pdf
       b. https://www.etsy.com/listing/601396680/essene-humane-gospel-of-jesus-christ?show_sold_out_detail=1&ref=nla_listing_details
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