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Patterns for Healing and Deliverance in the Word (including but not limited to the Bible) Empty Patterns for Healing and Deliverance in the Word (including but not limited to the Bible)

Sun Oct 24, 2021 6:09 pm
I'm just pondering some thoughts about healing and deliverance.  All of my research has been in an effort to find what's missing with the doctrine of the American Church because it seems powerless.

A question we all need to ask ourselves is: how effective has the Word been that one has committed one's life to memorizing, rereading, studying and slaving over? Has it produced the works Messiah promised? Is it the right Word or has it been tainted enough that it no longer holds the power of deliverance and healing? Without the gospel (the Holy Law that saves- John 5:24,28-29) one won't operate in healing and deliverance. Hence, the Truth has been hidden to bind the hands of the church from effectively doing the will of their Redeemer. Unfortunately, finding the Truth has become a necessary task because only the Truth that Messiah taught(the Holy Law) has the power to save, deliver and heal. He is the Law made flesh and Father's instrument of healing and deliverance. The Holy Law(gospel John 5:24,28-29) needs to be preached before power is manifested.

I couldn't understand why the Body of Messiah isn't operating in the gifts that we are promised in 1 Corinthians 12 .  So I searched the scriptures. I even searched outside the canon to scriptures that most are unfamiliar with. It is in the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ that the pattern I was looking for finally 'clicked', even though I had seen it elsewhere....oh that pearl of great price!!  What's more, is that in the Essene Humane Gospel of Jesus Christ (EHGoJC)I found the Words that bring healing and Life.  In my opinion, these two documents hold the key to the church operating in power; one helps illuminate the pattern by which we are to interact with people and, also,  includes revelation, understand and wisdom, while the other shows the doctrine we are to share.  These are important keys to the Kingdom if one wants to walk in the authority that Messiah's blood restored to us.

The first premise is that deliverance is in the power of the Word, plain and simple. That Word is found in the bible, in part, but is far more clear in EHGoJC because of corruptions in the widely circulated canon (see 'inconsistencies in the bible', and 'is it okay to venture outside the canon?'). The EHGoJC spells out the spiritual application of the Law that Messiah came to restore. (in section 52)  His doctrine was to restore people into right standing with God but His doctrine has been tampered with in the bible.  It is evident that EHGoJC has not been as manipulated probably because it was not going to be as widely circulated.  The stories are complete and it is more than clear that the synoptics gospels were taken from this work, at least in part. The parts that have been found, in the Qumran caves, have been well preserved and are so valuable and so POWERFUL that links leading to this work are even blocked on social media because the elites don't want it to fall into your hands. The fact of the matter is that the enemy doesn't want you knowing about it. That's why you haven't.....that is...until now!!!!

The second premise is that Abba's power to heal is faith. This is seen in the synoptic gospels and spelled out in the Aquarian Gospel. Faith is the precursor to miracles. I was looking for a pattern of how the Apostles operated in power.  It had been alluded to in the New Testament but it was by no means a pattern.  In other texts it became clear that healing and deliverance were accomplished by the Apostles AFTER they brought the Word(Holy Law)and people received it by faith - 'the moral conviction of the truthfulness of God'.( Strong's concordance).

In order to operate in Power in the Kingdom TODAY one has to operate in the same order that the Apostles were taught by the Master! There's nothing new under the sun. The spiritual judicial system hasn't changed and it requires order. People ask, "Where is the power today? Why aren't the sick healed, the dead raised and demons cast out!". It's a common question. I propose that the question should be: "Where is the Word and what Word(Law) is it?" Where has it been hidden; the Word that is effectual and Mighty that Messiah brought? This is why the scriptures have been obscured and the Truth has been hidden. This is why the quest for Truth is necessary. It's not about gaining head knowledge. It's about positioning oneself to co-labor with Abba through Messiah and manifest His Kingdom(will) on earth as it is in heaven.  Out of all the beings in the universe(s!), man was chosen to be the ambassador between heaven and earth. That's huge right there.

Scripture proof of the order of business with respect to operating in power:

Here's what the bible says:

Matt 10:7-8
"And as you go, preach, saying, 'The kingdom of heaven is at hand.' Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons." That's really vague!!

Here's how the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ expounds on that, now you'll see a pattern
Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ:

1. Chap 123:37
"They said that by the Sacred Word they had done many mighty works; and Jesus said to them well done"
The Sacred Word did the works.

2. Chap 123:5-7
The time is also ripe, and you must go alone through all the villages and towns of Galilee and teach and heal."
***teach( the gospel John 5:24,28-29) This Word..the Holy Law (EHGoJC section 52)

Now these are just fun facts here to help you stay empowered:

3.Chap 131:10
"The greatest is the little child, and if you would be great at all you must become as is this child in innocence, in Truth (the Word) in purity in life"
More keys to power here.  Innocence, purity and truth('my word is Truth')

4. 122:17-18
"If you are not received in kindness in a town, bear not an evil thought. An evil thought of any kind will do harm; will dissipate your power."
Another key thoughts dissipate power.

Now just because these scriptures aren't from the bible doesn't mean that they are devilish. They've been concealed by him in order to make the church ineffectual. We must be wise to the wiles of the devil. We must not get ensnared calling good evil and evil good and, hence, blaspheming the Holy Spirit of Wisdom. I see the power of God operating.  These things have been and will continue to be tested by me. My experiences are a testimony of what He can do through his unadulterated Word. It doesn't require any of my own might to help others when I bring His Word because it is Mighty to Save.

I am writing to encourage you to seek Truth so as to effectively operate in the power of God. God didn't bind His Words to a book, man did. We're blessed to have so many resources at the end of this age.
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