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Why The Church No Longer Operates In Power Empty Why The Church No Longer Operates In Power

Fri Oct 29, 2021 2:24 pm
I just finished a study about 'Why the church no longer operates in power'.  It was a seven to eight year study. Six of those years I studied solely the bible while fasting and praying, then the last year or two I went to the texts of those who immediately preceded and seceded Messiah.

The books that contain the beliefs of Peter, John the Apostle and the works of the early Apostles that walked with Messiah are as follows:
The Clementine Homilies
The Recognitions of Clement(Clement was Peter's scribe)
The Essene Humane Gospel of Jesus Christ
Essene Gospel of Peace(John the Baptist was an Essene, as was Joseph, Messiahs' Father, and some scholars believe that Messiah was also an Essene)
The Gospel of the Holy twelve

My point wasn't to read the whole of these texts but rather to skim finding the common denominators.  The common points I found were that salvation rests on works as Messiah states in John 5:24,28-29. Messiah and his brother James confirm this in the New Testament.  A simple google search reveals that the only scriptures that state we are justified by faith are those in the epistles attributed to Paul.  Paul's gospel is 1 Cor 15:2-4.  As well what I am finding is that the blood only applies to those who obey the Laws. Further, it is clear when comparing these works that the Laws discussed are different than the Laws included in the OT and NT.

My conclusion is that the church no longer operates in power because when the canon of scripture was developed it was developed specifically to change doctrine rendering an ineffective gospel; while also changing the Laws making all of us, unknowingly, rebels against the Living God.  

True doctrine is that if you are obedient to the Laws of God then the blood atonement applies to you.  If you are not obedient then you are unrighteous and it does not.  The bible makes it sound like if you believe in Jesus and that He died for you then the blood applies to you by faith. This is simply not the case based on these other writings that have been hidden.

The question then remains....what Laws? I believe the answer to that lies in the Essene Humane Gospel of Jesus Christ Chapter 52:

Here the links for you to read the whole Essene Humane Gospel Of Christ:

1. The Essene Humane Gospel Of Christ part 1 to 4:

2. The Essene Humane Gospel Of Christ part 5:
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