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Are my sinful actions agreements with darkness?  Empty Are my sinful actions agreements with darkness?

Tue Nov 23, 2021 10:14 pm
Someone who takes it knowingly has created an agreement in the spirit realm, and so has someone who takes it unknowingly. The action is the agreement.The difference is what happens (or doesn't happen) in their lives going forward.
The person who decides they made a mistake, can, to some extent (or perhaps even entirely), undo the agreement. If the agreement is undone, the physical changes won't be able to manifest fully, or, perhaps, not at all. Everything physical is first spiritual. The spiritual realm is the parent world of the physical world. Everything happens in the spiritual realm before it is allowed to happen in the physical realm. The spiritual realm is dependent upon agreements. This is true for God as well. He gave the earth to humans. What we agree with gives the spirits in the spirit realm the ability to do their will on earth. Without human beings' agreements, the spirits can do nothing, including God.

I suggest you form agreements with God constantly, and cancel the agreements of satan and the other evil spirits, which we can do on behalf of ourselves, AND others, AND the world at large.

Human beings all have authority. We all have equal authority. No one has more than another person.When we realize this, we become very powerful. We have full permission, ability, and actually, RESPONSIBILITY, to make, create, break, cancel agreements with whichever spirits we choose!
The system is designed to lead people into agreements with evil spirits. Through sin, and mental persuasion, and suggestion, in the form of ideas (things like: it's cool to sin, there's no God, you can and should do what you want [these are the staples of satan. this is what the kingdom of darkness is founded on!), music, movies, culture, the corrupt court system's codes/policies/statues.

(the legal systems "contracts" are actually this exact same thing, agreements, and actually is very obviously spiritual based on all of the double meanings of words they use in the court systems which sound like english but actually is "legalese" and has their own definitions which are always for the purpose of deception and enslavement, along with the judges wearing a black priest robe acting as priests of baal, like ancient babylon),etc.

You can say "Most High God, creator of heaven and earth, The Great I Am, Ahayah, I form an agreement with you to do your will in my life, and _'s life, and I create the bridge for you to be manifested here on the earth. I form an agreement with you to do your will. 

likewise "I cancel all agreements with the spirits of darkness on behalf of myself and _, as well as the whole earth. I close the bridge between them and this world, and their will is no longer to be freely permitted to manifest here. I claim the earth for The Most High God."

You can and sometime should address the evil spirits directly. It may have more power. Directing your attention at them and speaking To them INVOKES THEM = FORCES THEM TO RESPOND to what you're saying. Here is an example

"I cancel all agreements with all of your spirits of darkness on behalf of myself and ___ and the whole earth. I close the bridge between you and this world, and your will is no longer permitted to manifest here. I claim the earth for The Most High God"

When you create or cancel agreements, it changes everything. Everything is about agreements.It's not our power that does it. It is due to THE FACT that God gave the earth to HUMANS. Not to spirits. Even God has to follow this FACT!
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