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I want a relationship with the Father/Creator. How?  Empty I want a relationship with the Father/Creator. How?

Wed Dec 29, 2021 3:36 pm
1. 'Man' (YOU) lost his way.
2. Yashaya (the son of the Creator) came to restore it.
3. He (the son) taught the original Laws of the universe.
4. When we operate in them (believe on) we can walk in His authority and do the Father's will of being ambassadors between heaven and earth working in tandem with angels to accomplish Eden on earth...to 'go back to Eden'.
5. That authority plugs us into a hierarchy that has been withheld from our knowledge, which is:
Abba (the Father/Creator) 
Holy Spirit
Arch Angels
Holy Angels of Heaven
Mother Earth
Holy Angels of Earth

These are the forces or spirits given to us to commune with and accomplish Abba's bidding as we worship Him and glorify His Son and grow to operate in the Holy Spirit of Wisdom.  
6. This requires:

- Baptism
- laying down the fleshly desires He instructs us to.
- abiding in the Spirit
- obedience
- submitting and accountability to one another
- worshipping in Spirit and Truth
- holiness and righteousness
- reaching the lost when prompted
You'll be known by your fruit....

Thoughts, words and deeds all effect the spirit realm.. 

There is no greater power of man than to control his THOUGHTS....from that he controls his tongue.

You want relationship with the Most High then obey.

You want power then submit to spiritual authority and to one another and the order the Father has established in the heavens.


The heavens will learn your name.
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