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Sabbath - A commandment to do: how  Empty Sabbath - A commandment to do: how

Thu Aug 05, 2021 8:57 am
Sabbath is for your body to rest and a way to distinguish yourself from the world (everybody knows not to kill.....).

So this day is to rest and serve Him, be with Him.

So just get used to make a extra large meal the day before, buy canned food like beans and peanut butter so you dont have to prepare on this holy day.
Don't watch wordly things like everybody, specially this day, and take time to read His word of watch powerful lessons etc

Things you can do:
Pray, read your Bible, teach others with scripture
-be in nature resting the soul & body
-eat food you prepared before sabbath started
-help others who are in need of help
-take extra sleep to heal so you can work fully the next 6 coming days

Things you can't do:
-All pleasures you normally do to pleasure yourself. Like working out, watching movies (wich you should be really be careful for because most movies are wordly)
-cooking/preparing food
-buying and or selling
-working FOR MONEY (you can work by helping someone in need)

This day is for you (to rest soul and mind) and to bond with your Creator!

Its the way to show your respect and that you are willing to obey Him and to distance yourself from the world!

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