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Mark on forehead? Empty Mark on forehead?

Sat Jan 22, 2022 9:09 am
I posted a link to http://www.ahayah-truth.com on Reddit. Then, some unintellignt, uncivilized user called me a retard and said that the Covid Vaccine can't be the mark because the mark of the beast was a mark on the forehead or right hand. How can you convince such people that the covid vaccine is the mark, even though it doesn't show a visible mark on your forehead?
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Mark on forehead? Empty Re: Mark on forehead?

Mon Jan 24, 2022 10:56 am
Even if it was meant litterlarly, the current jab that is given could be the mark, because 'right hand' is being wrong translated to us. 

See this clip that explains that the word hand means the whole body part from shoulder to hand;

That being said, the details of visions and dreams have metaphorical interpretations, not literal interpretations. 

Forehead = thoughts. 
Name = authority / purpose. The Number of a man = mankind's patent number system. Its number is 666 = Microsoft Patent # 666. The Greek word for what has been translated as "mark" is khar'-ag-mah, and it means a scratch or etching, something that pierces the skin! 

A VACCINE. The mark is literal. The location of the mark is not literal. 

Right hand = being able to work, earn and spend money. 

The vaccine is administered to your arm, not your hand, but it affects your right hand and forehead, so to speak. 

The vaccine is going to be mandatory in Austria, Greece, Italy, and Germany soon also. It is happening as we speak. 

And, on a side not, it's not your duty to convince someone on reddit. Specially not someone who acts another (you) is crazy. 

Let them who have ears, hear. If someone wants to hear Wisdom, speak to them. If not, just walk away and dust your shoes of. Just like He commanded us to do. 

Shalom Sjoerd,

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