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Sat Apr 23, 2022 8:07 pm
What group of people satisfy all the prophesied characteristics of Abraham, Isaac, and jacob?

All the nations of the earth will be blessed by you is one that comes to mind. Does the black race meet this requirement? No. Does the jews? No.

What is the only group that believes in the testimony of Messiah and blesses the whole earth? .. the white race. Look how Joseph treated his brothers after he was sold into slavery. He was kind, generous, and forgiving. Look how the white race acts toward the nations of the earth. Very much like our daddy did. But the Christians forgot thier first love.. that is, the commandments, which was prophesied that we would forget and we would serve God's that our fathers did not know. But that in the end we will come back.. we will be gathered from the four winds of the earth from where we were scattered. We have been tricked into serving false gods, and we don't even know it.

Your descendants will be as numerous as the dust of the earth, sand of the sea. Does the black race meet this requirement? No. Do the jews? No.

What about when esau was born and he was described as red? (Esau was Jacob's Twin brother) Ruddy? The root word being blood which is red. Aka blood in the face or red in the face.  This Hebrew word also relating to the first man Adam. Adam was red, so was his descendants. Yahshua is descended from Adam. Yahshua was red.

The jews don't meet these requirements either. Yahshua was not a jew. Look at the blessing that Jacob blessed josheph. It says that the Rock will come from between his feet. (Thats the messiah!)

It is important to understand where we came from and where the nations came from as there is NO WAY to understand prophesy if we don't know how to identify the groups that are being referred to. The jews are imposters as stated TWICE in the book of Revelation. They will be destroyed in the Day of YHVH for their lies and murders, for they are of thier father the devil! We whites were sent into the world to civilize it, to build, to plant and feed the world, to teach the nations the Law of righteous living. If you look into the histories, there is no other group doing this. All technology came from a white person, all great civilization came from a white person. Its in our blood to build and be generous to the inhabitants of the earth. But as Peter (or maybe timothy) states, that the enemy Crept in and we were unaware! We allowed us to be seduced and we loved darkness rather than light. We will be held to the highest standard during the judgement because we did forsake the LAW OF YAH.
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